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 SBA Disaster Loan & Reconsideration Inquiries Included

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IRS Contacts Us instead of You

We file Form 2848 Power of Attorney on your account providing us authority to receive IRS notices and respond on your behalf. We act proactively to avoid enforcement while helping you decide on the best next step.


We open the IRS notices, so you keep your great mood.

Most levies and garnishments happen due to non-response to IRS notices about your past due balances.

If I've said "open the mail" 100 times, I've said it 100,000!

We have the solution, we'll do it for you.

It's simple.

1. We receive your notices every month.



100% Free Response to IRS Notices

Not only do we receive your mail and scan it to your 24/7 portal for viewing. We identify the required response and contact you for the necessary information or documents.

Whether by mail, fax, or phone; your response is prompt and complete. This simple step helps to avoid aggressive...


Identify Audit Flags Before Filing (Form 1040 only)

Not confident in reviewing your return?

Upload your personal or professionally prepared return for our free lookover. Our tax admins will send a list of common audit flags seen on your return.


Transcripts for FAFSA or Home loans, on demand

We update your transcripts annually and make them visible 24/7 through your online portal. For recently filed returns, just email us and we will pull updated transcripts at your request at no additional charge.


50% Discount on Collections Representation under $100K*

Many balance due notices can be handled with our free response service. However, for larger or more complex balances requiring full representation including Forms 433 Series Submissions; Collection Statute Expiration Dates; levies, and liens; your membership entitles you to service at a 50%...


50% discounted Offer In Compromise*

We're already on your team with IRS notices.

We've handled your streamlined installment agreements and currently uncollectible statuses where applicable.

However, if circumstances support an Offer in Compromise, just know we STILL have your back. As a member, you save 50% off our...


50% discount on Audit Representation*

File with confidence knowing you have a team to contact with your questions. And if you hire us to represent you, your 50% membership discount makes a world of difference. Talk about stress reduction...

We represent you in each stage of the examination whether by mail, office, or...


24/7 Cloud Portal Access

Access your account in real-time, knowing we got your back. Whatever the outcome, when you need to see it, it's available 24/7 from your desktop or phone app.


Save time calling the IRS

Don't waste your precious family-time on hold. We will schedule an appointment to connect you quickly and efficiently to an IRS representative so you can address your issue and get back to life.


Members Only Updates & Education

As a member, you will receive periodic updates and newsletters to keep you up to date on everything tax. From how to make estimated tax deposits to upcoming law changes. We keep you in the know.


Helpful Videos & Links

Access to how-to videos, powerpoints, and pdfs with tips and tricks to help you get ahead of your taxes once and for all.


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